Monday, 5 September 2011

Bizzy Season!

2011 was such a busy season we didn't even make time to keep up with our new blog.
Business was up over 50% in rafter #'s from our first year in 2010. What a success.
Word spread and Salmo River stands up to the hype. It is one of the best rafting runs of it's length in British Columbia.
The Slocan River provided tons of fun as well and is the perfect run for first timers, visitors to the area and families.
So stoked for 2012!

Friday, 10 June 2011

May 2010 - Getting Rocked Sussing-out Salmo Highwater

What an experience getting intimate with the Shenango Canyon.  It's the hardest run I've guided in Canada (I rafted a 7m waterfall in New Zealand), and learning a new grade four run was really challenging.  We (me and the guiding team) had to be totally sussed on the run before taking guests down.  

So, after a swim out of the catraft and a flip (going for a great kodak shot instead of taking the obvious line) we started to get very familiar with the different lines at various water levels.

To date only 3% of our rafters on the Salmo River have fallen out, and there have been no flips on a commercial trip.  Pretty good on this continuous grade four run!

Last season was a big hit, and this year so far bookings are coming in regularly and the trips are full to date!


Monday, 6 June 2011

November 2009 Game On!

After two years of red tape, letters, maps and various forms of paperwork and emails we got approved for a crown land tenure to commercially raft the Salmo and Slocan Rivers.  What a milestone! The Salmo River Shenango Canyon has been totally under utilized for rafting in the past.  So stoked to have the opportunity to share it with West Kootenay Locals and early season visitors.  And, to get amongst it ourselves!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another Recon

May 2008 mission with the late great Phil Allain.  Kayaked and rafted the Shenango Canyon in the 40cms range.  Beautiful sunny weather, clear water and technical boulder garden rapids with nice drops at this level.  Realization the Salmo run will be as fun in low water as it is in high water.  So stoked to set up shop in West Kootenays, and run this thing regularly.

The above picture was taken July 2010 rafting the Salmo at 45 cms (cubic metres of water flow per second).

Friday, 3 June 2011

May 13, 2007 First Run down Shenango Canyon

After ten days of rafting and kayaking on the Salmon and Lachsa Rivers in Idaho we decided to pass through Nelson on our way back to Jasper, AB.
150 cubic metres of water per second (high water) for my first run ever down the Salmo River Shenango Canyon with Flo Scharlock, Sven Hammer and Chris Johson.
We nailed it.  Hard paddling, action packed run.
Fully stoked.
Decided then and there to start a rafting company in Nelson, BC. This river must be done.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Discovery of BC's Salmo River Shenango Canyon in Jasper, AB?

Driving in the Maligne Rafting Adventures beat up blue Ford in July 2006 with two other scruffy guides I leafed through a binder of BC rafting regulations.  What-d-ya-know there were provisions for the Salmo River near Nelson, BC - my dream place to live and settle down.

Salmo River: Lower
DESCRIPTION: 12 km. 20% Class I, 20% Class II, 30% Class III, 30% Class IV. High water, 10% Class V. Level of the reservoir must be confirmed with BC Hydro with regard to last rapid/waterfall.