Friday, 10 June 2011

May 2010 - Getting Rocked Sussing-out Salmo Highwater

What an experience getting intimate with the Shenango Canyon.  It's the hardest run I've guided in Canada (I rafted a 7m waterfall in New Zealand), and learning a new grade four run was really challenging.  We (me and the guiding team) had to be totally sussed on the run before taking guests down.  

So, after a swim out of the catraft and a flip (going for a great kodak shot instead of taking the obvious line) we started to get very familiar with the different lines at various water levels.

To date only 3% of our rafters on the Salmo River have fallen out, and there have been no flips on a commercial trip.  Pretty good on this continuous grade four run!

Last season was a big hit, and this year so far bookings are coming in regularly and the trips are full to date!


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